Colombia Hector Zuniga Turkish delight, stone fruit, milk chocolate Suitable for: Filter



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Origin: Colombia


Region: Timana, Huila


Process: Washed


Notes: Turkish delight, stone fruit, milk chocolate


Coffee Story: Fermentation coffees are a little bit all the rage at the moment, and now having seen plenty of examples it is becoming clearer what separates the few from the many…and this cup is most certainly one of the few!

In the cup this brew is complex and nuanced—influences of the fermentation process are never hard aggressive or overwhelming rather; warming, sweet and aromatic.

There are two main reasons for this: Firstly, this coffee is harvested following strict ripeness criteria. Secondly, the coffee cherries are exposed to a highly controlled fermentation process of dry fermentation for a period of 120 hours at a regulated 20c. Closely monitored temperature and timing across fermentation plus the addition of Co2 during fermentation allows for far greater control than simpler aerobic ferments-which although quicker can easily result in intense over fermentation.


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