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Strawberry, vanilla, milk chocolate

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Origin: Brazil


Region: Minas Gerais


Process: Natural


Notes: Strawberry, vanilla, milk chocolate


Coffee Story: Located in the Alta Mogiana region, this coffee farm is within three different municipalities: Ibiraci, Cassia and Capetinga.


To create this micro-lot, Jean Vilheana left this coffee drying on the patio using the “Volcano” method, covering the cherries with a cloth overnight, for 27 days until the desired moisture levels were reached.


It’s not very often God’s Honest Truth come across Brazilian coffees with such pronounced fruit, they jumped straight on this. We hope you enjoy it!


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This coffee will be roasted fresh for you. God’s Honest Truth will roast your coffee on Monday for blend and Tuesday for single origins, dispatch the following day.

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Additional information

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