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Timor Raimutin Honey Sparking cola, blood orange, star anise Suitable for: Filter & Espresso



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Origin: Timor


Process: Honey


Notes: Sparking cola, blood orange, star anise


Coffee Story: Quality processing is unlocking flavours and creating positive impact for thousands of farmers to our north. The major export of Timor-Leste, oil, is rapidly dwindling and coffee is on track to step into the void. Historically, coffee yield and quality has been low from this close neighbour of ours. However, with the help of our partners, social enterprise Raw Material, this recourse is an opportunity to increase productivity and build demand for thousands of farmers of this young nation. With the development of quality regional mills and extensive education, price premiums are flowing back down to many of the most marginalised. Imagine positive impact and taste sparkling cola, blood orange and star anise spice.

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This coffee will be roasted fresh for you. Five Senses will roast your coffee Monday-Friday and dispatch on the next business day.

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