Sweet almond, dark chocolate, orange juice

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Size: 250g


Origin: Ethiopia


Region: Yirgacheffe


Process: Natural


Notes: Sweet almond, dark chocolate, orange juice


Coffee Story: This coffee was grown and harvested in the Hafursa Waro of the Gedeo district in the Yirgacheffe zone. Various small-scale farms from around the village work together to market their coffee. The farms are all 1900 meters above sea level and have shade grown coffee trees. The ripe cherries are delivered to Kumulachew Washing Station to be processes where they are dried on raised beds for 15-21 days, depending on the weather. These small-scale farms are part of a democratically run, farmer-owned Union for the greater area. The Union gives back a significant portion of the profit to fund the construction of schools, health centers and infrastructure such as water points for the community.


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Additional information

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