Karithathi Farmers

Rhubarb, currants, green apple

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Size: 250g


Origin: Kenya


Region: Kirinyaga County


Process:  Washed


Notes: Rhubarb, currants, green apple


Coffee Story: 1200 small holder farms deliver their coffee cherries to Kiunyu and Kabingara factories, run by Karithathi Farmers Co-operative Society. The majority of the coffee is SL 34 variety with Ruiru 11 making up just one percent. The water used during processing comes from the Karithathi River. After processing it is pumped into soak tanks so that it can slowly rejoin the water table, cleaned of most impurities.


Many farmers in the Kirinyaga region favour growing tea over coffee however, the Co-op are trying to change this. They are working with farmers in the area to educate them on the potential returns of well grown coffee and are assisting with training in coffee specific agronomic practices.


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Additional information

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