Fruitcake, turkish delight, boysenberry

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Origin: Ethiopia


Region: Yirgacheffe


Process: Supernatural


Tasting Notes: Fruitcake, turkish delight, boysenberry


Coffee Story: A very unique microlot, Via the Konga mill in Yirgacheffe and from Abstract’s friends Project Origin and Primrose Coffee, Hamerawe features a new processing method called Supernatural.


Supernatural processing consists of the ripest cherries only being selected, then hand sorted and floated to remove defects, stacked in thick piles to increase temperature whilst being shaded to draw out / control drying and also being turned every few hours for an even fermentation.


At day 3 to 5, the piles are thinned out during the day and then stacked and covered in plastic sheeting at night to maintain a consistent temperature. At day 15 to 25 the cherries are spread out like a standard natural to finish the drying process.


The level of flavour and quality of this coffee is amazing, and this is a very special release.


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Additional information

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Aeropress, Espresso, Ground, Plunger, v60, Whole Beans

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