Espresso Blend

Almond, dark chocolate, toffee

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Size: 250g


Origin: Guatemala, Brazil


Notes: Almond, dark chocolate, toffee


Coffee Story: For nearly three decades Rony Ascensio has been farming coffee. His farm Santa Ana La Huerta is located high in the Sierra De Las Minas Mountains, where much of the area has been declared a Biosphere Reserve, protecting a diverse range of habitats and wildlife. Rony’s attention to detail and passion for coffee farming shows in all areas. From the way he cares for his staff, to training and quality control measures throughout processing, to adopting new cultivation practices and farm management initiatives. He is also working on the farm’s environmental footprint through reducing reliance on synthetic fertilizers and insecticides, waste water treatment to allow the water to safely re-enter the ecosystem, along with a significant reduction in water use during processing.


Pedro Gabarra is the fifth generation of coffee grower in his family and runs the Pinhal farm, among others, with his father Joao Newton. The family has the utmost respect for the environment and cultural significance of the land and maintain over 40% of the property for reforestation. The farm holds certifications with Rainforest Alliance, Sustainable Farming(UTZ) and the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association. As a Natural process coffee, it is dried with the pulp intact before being removed.


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Additional information

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Espresso, French Press, Pour Over, Stove Top, Whole Beans

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