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Finca Buena Vista

Blueberry, mandarin, cocoa

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Origin: Colombia


Notes: Red apple, lemon, raspberry


Region : Huila


Process: Washed


Coffee Story: Discipline and a positive attitude: these are the two ingredients that María Nohemi Gonzalez Babatiba, born into a coffee-growing family and long-standing tradition, believes are central to producing great coffee.


In 2003, María married her partner, Luis Carlos and together they founded Finca Buena Vista, an eight-hectare farm in Huila, Colombia with breathtaking views to boot. María and Luis have four hectares of coffee plants, growing varieties such as Caturra, San Bernardo/Pache, Tabi, and Castillo.


María is certain that the new generation of producers has the advantage of having access to information that was not readily available to her parents’ generation. Together with Luis, she aims to make the most of resources available to her.


FOB price: AUD/kg $13.86

C-market price: $3.75

Fair Trade minimum: $4.70

2.9x higher than the Fair Trade minimum.


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