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Kenya Jagwan Bright, citrusy, sweet Suitable for: Espresso



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Origin: Kenya


Notes: Bright, citrusy, sweet


Coffee Story: Jagwan is a coffee estate located in Othaya Town, in the Nyeri region of Central Kenya. Kenyan coffee is a favourite of many coffee professionals. The distinctly bright flavour profiles are thanks to the soil, varieties planted and especially the long fermentation periods that the coffees undergo.

This coffee was processed using the washed method. Only the ripest coffee cherries are hand-picked and then immediately pulped to remove the fruit from the seed. This is followed by a period of underwater fermentation, which aids the even and gentle breakdown and removal of the sticky mucilage layer that is attached to the seed. After the soaking period, any remaining mucilage is rinsed off using fresh water. The cleaned parchment coffee is then transferred to raised drying beds where it is sun-dried for up to 21 days, depending on weather. The parchment coffee is turned regularly to ensure even drying. Once dried, the parchment coffee is stored in sacks awaiting hulling, which removes the final protective parchment layer from the green bean.

The washed process using a period of underwater fermentation accentuates the brightness and sweetness of this coffee.

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