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Kenya Gachuiro (Light Roast)  Tea, brown sugar Suitable for:



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Origin: Kenya


Process: Washed


Notes: Tea, brown sugar


Coffee Story: Gachuiro Factory is a washing station in Nyeri, Central Kenya. Kenyan coffee is a favourite of many coffee professionals. The distinctly bright flavour profiles are due to the soil, varieties planted and especially the long fermentation periods that the coffees undergo.

Local farmers hand pick and deliver their ripest coffee cherries to

Gachuiro Factory. The coffee is sorted at Gachuiro to remove any unwanted fruit from the batch and then pulped, removing the coffee seed from the fruit. The coffee seeds are sent through a water channel to further separate the dense, healthy seeds from the rest. The dense seeds are sent to a tank to ferment without water for 16-24 hours, which helps to breakdown the sticky mucilage layer that is attached to the seed. After the dry fermentation, the coffee seeds are sent through another water channel to further separate the seeds by density. Factory workers vigorously mix the coffee as it flows through the water channels, which helps remove the mucilage layer. Once cleaned and density sorted, the coffee seeds are soaked for 24 hours before being transferred to raised drying beds where it is sun-dried for 7-21 days, depending on weather. The coffee is turned regularly to ensure even drying. Once dried, the coffee is stored awaiting hulling, which removes the final protective parchment layer from the green bean.

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