Rebuild Womens Hope

Bright, tonic water, nuts

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Size: 250g


Origin: Congo


Process: Washed


Notes: Bright, tonic water, nuts


Coffee Story: Rebuild Women’s Hope is a member of Coffeelac. Coffeelac is a business designed to help rejuvenate the DRC’s coffee export industry. It is owned and run by the Nicolaides family who have been involved in the African coffee industry since 1965. RWH was started by Marceline Budza, who grew up in Bukavu during one of the most violent periods in DRC’s history. She was inspired to create RWH to help women take charge of their lives and respond to the daily suffering, persecution, poverty and violation of rights she saw women face in her society. It was born out of the desire to combat this idea, through uniting a group of coffee producing women who are fighting against inequality in women’s rights and re-establishing the value of a woman’s work. For that reason, RWH works to create a spirit of entrepreneurship and self management in women with the hope of raising the standard of living in their communities and across their nation.


This lot is washed, which means that the coffee cherries are picked when ripe, collected by Coffeelac and taken to the mill. The cherries are pulped with the use of water and then dried, which produces a clean and sweet flavour profile.


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