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Sweet, nuts, caramel

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Size: 250g


Origin: Burundi


Region: Kayanza


Notes: Sweet, nuts, caramel


Process: Washed


Coffee Story: Nemba washing station is located in Kayanza province, Northern Burundi, near the border with Rwanda. It has beautiful volcanic soil, high altitude and a dry harvesting season, making it an ideal place to grow coffee. The name Nemba stems from the Kirundi word “kunembera”, which means ‘lazy’ and describes the laid-back personalities of the locals. This lot is made up of coffee sourced from over 3000 local coffee farmers spread across 15 neighbouring hills.


This lot is washed in typical African style, which involves a long period of wet fermentation. This process helps to deliver standout floral and fruit flavours with elegance.


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This coffee will be roasted fresh for you. Coffee Bird will roast your coffee on Monday or Wednesday and dispatch the following day.

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Additional information

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