Bom Jesus

Vanilla, fudge, nougat like sweetness

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Origin: Brazil


Region: Alta Mogiana


Process: Natural


Notes: Vanilla, fudge, nougat like sweetness


Coffee Story: The proceeds of this coffee go towards the annual GIMA Project. A program run locally since 2008 in Alta Mogiana, by Flavia and Gabriel and Minas Hill. GIMA unites children from the surrounding farming communities for games and activities related to sports, culture, environment, sustainability and community.


This year, the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As many children in Brazil don’t have internet at home and are struggling with their studies, the wonderful people at Minas Hill and Bom Jesus will be donating tablets and pre-paid internet to help the children with their studies.


Flavia and Gabriel Oliveira own and operate Bom Jesus Farm. Their ancestors’ have been growing coffee in the region for nearly 150 years, and their two sons intend to continue the family tradition. The locally and nationally awarded farm lies north of São Paulo and is approximately 8,000 hectares in size. They plant mainly Bourbon and Mundo Novo varieties; however this particular coffee has been produced by a microlot consisting of only Obatan.


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Additional information

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