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Shipping Policy

  • Note coffee is roasted to order. Due to this you may not have your coffee sent straight away. eg Order Wednesday and roaster roasts on Monday means your order wont be roasted and shipped till the Monday/Tuesday.
  • Delivery is usually 3-5 business days but may at times go over due to reasons beyond our control. We dont offer refunds for when shipping takes  over 5 business days as this is beyond our control.
  • If the shipping address has been typed in incorrectly and sent back to us, the customer is liable for any additional costs involved
  • If you have any questions regarding shipping, please email shipping@barkerst.com.au


Refund Policy

  • We do not offer refunds for wrong selection of coffee eg select wrong grind or wrong roast
  • We do not offer refunds if you do not like the coffee tasting notes.
  • If your coffee is damaged during shipping, we offer a credit which can be used on our marketplace. To receive a credit you must provide pictures of the damaged coffee and email info@barkerst.com.au
  • Credit is only offered when notified of damaged goods within 14 days from coffee being sent.




How long does it take for me to receive my order?

It can vary depending on where in Australia you are located but customers usually have the coffee at their door step within 3-5  business days.


Is my coffee fresh?

Yes. All coffee is roasted to order.


Do you ship internationally?

No, but we can organise a special order for you if you like. Email us at info@barkerst.com.au if you live overseas and want some of our coffee.


Why should I pay more money to order from Barker St when I can visit my local supermarket and get coffee at a much cheaper price?

The coffee you purchase from your local supermarket isn’t specialty coffee. You will find that it doesn’t even have a roast date on the bag it will have an expiry date. Coffee should never have an expiry date. We can guarantee that the coffee beans you purchase from the Barker St marketplace is of the highest quality you will find.


I don’t have a grinder; can you grind the coffee for me?

Most of the time we can but there are some coffees we can’t. You will find this information on the product page for each individual coffee.


What if I don’t like my coffee?

In the rare situation you are sent a damaged bag or bad batch, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@barkerst.com.au


Do you have a subscription service?

We offer two coffee subscription services…..a blend subscription and a single origin.


How often is coffee sent out?

We send out coffee once a month. We process your order on the 1st of each month and you should receive it within our standard delivery times which is 3-4 days. We also do special subscriptions, if you would like to organise a special subscription please email info@barkerst.com.au


What happens if I don’t receive my subscription order?

Email us at info@barkerst.com.au.


If I have another question how can I contact you?

Please email us at info@barkerst.com.au any other questions you may have.


What happens if the product I paid for isn’t available?

If it isn’t available we will contact you to find a suitable replacement. If we don’t hear back from you after multiple tries we will proceed with a replacement of our choosing from the same roaster. A credit will be given to you in the event the new coffee costs less than the original coffee purchased


How does the 5% off when I order two bags of coffee work?

You will receive 5% off your coffee when you order two or more bags of coffee from the one roaster. Discount does not apply to single bag purchases from other roasters in the same transaction.