Gold Coast, Australia

Started on the Sunny Gold Coast in 2015 out of a café in Surfers Paradise,  serving amazing coffee to locals and tourists who visit their Sunny shores. Paradox is now throughout the eastern seaboard of Australia available in cafes in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.


The Coffee Paradox is the co-existence of the coffee boom in consuming countries and the coffee crisis in producing countries. In consuming countries, coffee continues to grow in popularity but at the same time coffee producers are receiving small profits. Our ethical sourcing techniques of sustainable coffees gives those regions a much better opportunity to maintain their growth and pass on suitable wages to the people.


Paradox Motto is “For the People” which extends throughout the industry; Farmers, Pickers, Exporters, Importers, Roasters, Café Owners, Baristas, Consumers. So much people, effort, energy, time is involved in the production of what we see as a simple cup of coffee.  Paradox Coffee Roasters are responsible custodians of the coffee journey, always putting people first.

Please note that Paradox Coffee roast all your coffee fresh on Monday/Tuesday and ship Monday-Wednesday.