Melbourne, Australia

Padre Coffee was born in Brunswick East, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne in 2007. We started small, roasting, brewing and selling all of our coffee under the one roof in the heart of the community; making friends, having fun and learning as we went. Today, we have two beautiful stores selling beans and brews in Melbourne, a stunning roastery/cafe in Noosa, Queensland, and a special collection of café & hospitality partners in Victoria and on the Sunshine Coast that serve our beans.


Since the beginning, we have remained very particular (some would say obsessive) about the way our coffee is produced, prepared and presented. We roast in small, loving batches; juggling time, temperature and air-flow to create a fulfilling flavour profile for each bean, exhaustively tasting and testing. At Padre we drink coffee every way we know how, and are devoted to the education and information that will help our customers to get the best out of every cup.


Enthusiastic, unpretentious coffee lovers are the foundation of our company. We believe in quality produce, sustainability, and in having strong relationships with the people we work with. Our Melbourne HQ and roastery is still in Brunswick East, where our small team roast on enviable Loring and Probat machinery. Our single origins range will always contain 6 different beans from worldly locations, whilst our filter roast offering is ever changing. Our espresso roasted blends are crowd favourites and have gathered a great number of loyal followers.

Please note that Padre roast and dispatch orders on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.