Adelaide, Australia

Monastery only roast coffees of exceptional quality and provenance – made possible by the dedication of those who grow it. Meticulously produced in small batches – to highlight each coffee’s unique character. So that you can enjoy a meaningful drinking experience – that speaks of both people and place.


The majority of coffee consumed today is traded in a way designed to maximise the profits of roasters and cafes, at the expense of the consumer’s drinking experience and the economic sustainability of coffee farmers in producing countries. Monastery Coffee does things differently.


They, along with their sourcing, cafe and retail partners, are committed to purchasing strictly the highest quality coffees they can find – with farmers receiving significant premiums for their work – so that you can enjoy a truly unique and meaningful coffee drinking experience. Coffee doesn’t have to be a commodity – it can be something more, something better. This is a movement, not just a business.


Monastery value the artisanal over the industrial; honesty over irresponsible trading practises and people over profits. Their goal is to provide consumers the ability to opt-out of the mass-produced and instead experience something amazing with every purchase, help coffee farmers in the process and ensure there is coffee for us all in the future. Monastery Coffee are a small batch roaster of traceable coffees based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Please note that Monastery Coffee roast all your coffee fresh on Wednesday and ship Thursday/Friday.