Sydney, Australia

In 2005, founder Paul “The Gesh” Geshos returned starry-eyed from an overseas coffee trip with a desire to bring a bigger range of traceable, ethical and high-quality coffees into Australia. From there, we have kept ourselves busy with projects on every side of the coffee industry, working on simple, honest and open philosophies. Mecca’s goal is not to take over the world of coffee – it’s to listen, learn, challenge and help improve it for all.


We categorise our single-lot coffees by flavour category to give our customers a clear expectation of the coffee they’re about to drink. Some days we all need a ‘Rich and Comforting’ Honduras coffee, others, we feel like something ‘Bright and Juicy’. As coffee’s flavour diversity continues to be better understood and controlled by the industry, we intend on remaining at the forefront of roasting, brewing and communicating this to the world.

Please note that Mecca roast Monday/Tuesday and dispatch the next day.