Little Wolf

Ipswich, USA

Little Wolf Coffee began roasting in 2016 in the small town of Ipswich, MA just north of Boston. From there, they share their passion for coffee with the local community as specialty coffee begins to grow in addition to sending coffee to their wholesale accounts across the country.


Founded on roasting coffee they love to showcase all of its inherent qualities, not hide them, Little Wolf source coffees with a range of flavor profiles instead of manipulating a bean through roast to be something it is not naturally. That means their coffees are always light to medium but always fully developed.


With all of that said, Little Wolf believe a cup of coffee is only as good as the company you share it with and strive to grow specialty coffee through approach-ability and openness. Always happy to indulge seasoned and new coffee lovers alike in conversation, they only want their coffee to be enjoyed, no matter what that means to you.

Please note that Little Wolf roast Monday and dispatch Tuesday.