Interview: Londono Coffee Craft

A hot topic of conversation around the world for years has been climate change and how countries can become more sustainable. How can we make or use something instead of throwing it away is usually the question we ask ourselves


Mauricio director at Londono Coffee Craft would ask himself this questions with the wood from his coffee trees he and his family have owned for many years.


Mauricio with some knowledge on design thought why not try and make furniture out of all this wood we have. So Londonos Coffee Craft was born.



How did you start making furniture out of coffee wood?

Once upon a time, in our family, when my father had received our coffee, he found that we can produce different products from this wood, and then we decided to make chairs, tables, and other products with coffee wood.


Are you dealing directly with the farmers or buying the wood from a 3rd party?

I’m dealing directly with farmers, including wood from our farm.


What sort of challenges are you facing working with coffee wood compared to traditional timbers?

All Challenges, because its a totally new product. From your processing to your finishing, design and sale.


Where did the idea come from to start Londono’s Coffee Crafts?

Yes, because my father had this as a hobby and I tackled the decision to do it.


How long is the process from sourcing the product to finish product?

It depends on the product and requirements, but on average 3 – 5 days


What are some of the challenges you have noticed facing coffee farmers in Columbia?

That now all farmer has more environmental problems to solve on top of everything else.


What does the future hold for Londono’s Coffee Crafts?

Increase our sales, the more people that can know coffee is not only a cup but can also be used to make all furniture, and expand our organization to others countries.


How has the coffee industry in Columbia and the world responded to Londono’s Coffee Craft? 

Offering all your raw materials, and a big positive response about our product, for your high quality and design. Until today Germany and USA are our principal costumers.



You can find more on Londonos Coffee Craft at facebook: Londono’s Coffee-Crafts  and instagram: londonoscoffee





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