Interview: Huskee Cup Team


A new kick-starter campaign (Huskee Cup) which is about to launch has really caught the eye of most people in the Coffee Industry. When you see them for the first time you might be a bit confused with the line “The world’s first coffee cup” but once you look more into it, they have truly created “The world’s first coffee cup”.


Barker St were very lucky to be able to speak to the great team behind Huskee Cup to find out more about this wonderful product.




Tell us about HuskeeCup?

HuskeeCup is a sustainable ceramic alternative made of coffee husk. It’s iconic, recyclable, and a pleasure to use! HuskeeCup usurps ceramics in terms of thermal retention and doesn’t require pre-heating. The handle-less cups nest perfectly inside each other creating a solid stack.


For people that don’t know what is a coffee husk? 

Coffee husk is a discarded waste product that results from milling in the drying stage of coffee production. Typically, at the end each harvest coffee farmers are left with tonnes of husk, and without a sustainable way of dealing with it! HuskeeCup is the first solution of it’s kind to this issue.


Who is the Huskee team, and why did you create HuskeeCup?

The Huskee team is a collective of people from the coffee industry, who’ve joined together to create a range of products from the waste material of coffee production. Driven by the problem of waste disposal, our team was inspired to create HuskeeCup, the first product in our range. Our objective is to realize the goal of zero waste as a result of farming coffee. HuskeeCup is the first step in fulfilling this mission.


Are you dealing directly with coffee farmers? If so why have you chosen that particular farmer over the many hundreds around the world? 

Yunnan Coffee Traders are our chosen partners in sourcing the raw materials that go into making HuskeeCup. The Huskee team has a long history of business and friendship with the people who run this company & have personally visited the farms they manage, so we can vouch for the integrity of their operation! We have chosen to partner with them since we share the vision of achieving greater levels of sustainability in the coffee industry.


Final question, for someone reading this why should they buy a Huskee Cup? 

HuskeeCup isn’t just a novel idea; it’s a design innovation that we hope will change the way we drink coffee! Every feature has been crafted with both home and cafe users in mind, including the cup’s superior thermal retention & universal saucer size. It’s dishwasher friendly, durable and easy to stack and store. By buying HuskeeCup through our Kickstarter campaign you’ll not only get to enjoy the product, you’ll also be investing into sustainable coffee production.


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