Apollo Bay, Victoria

There is a cup of coffee that is less often seen… the cup that is sometimes not a cup, but a battered tin mug in the hands of the adventurer, the flask of hot brew in the grip of the ocean bound, and the billy of the rain-forest walker. People clasp these containers, gather around the fire and talk about how they don’t miss the traffic and talk about the yearning of a simple life. It’s the Australian dream.


Hello Coffee are specialty roasters of artisan coffees, down in Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria. Surrounded by pristine nature, they handcraft their blends with care, and roast fresh daily. Take it with you to adventure and wake up to something better, or have a cup wherever you are, and think of them. A couple of guys who never went back, and started roasting coffee.

Please note that Hello Coffee roast all your coffee fresh daily and dispatch the following day.