Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters

Sydney, Australia

Fat Poppy reckon good coffee is always fearless.


Fearless as that first strong cup of the day. As mastering your favourite brew at home. And the confidence that your daily habit is empowering communities and championing women.


Fat Poppy was started in 2012 as one of Australia’s first female-led coffee roasters. They went in with a simple mission – to help everyone enjoy an exceptionally good cup of coffee, but for each and every cup to do good in the wider world too.


Ethical trade is just the start. They believe in nurturing not only the growers and communities they partner with, but building up communities around them in Sydney’s Inner West and beyond.


You can change the world after a good cup of coffee. Fat Poppy are here for both

Please note that Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters roast all your coffee fresh on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and dispatch the same day.