Bring specialty coffee

into your office

Office coffee has often had a poor reputation and let’s be honest it is warranted. The reason for this is that many businesses purchase their coffee from a stationary supplier who generally stock poor quality beans and generic equipment which is usually not suitable for your staff needs. For this reason, your staff are disengaged and opt to leave the office to purchase a quality cup of coffee.

Barker St is the ultimate destination for your office coffee needs. We have partnered with Australia’s leading coffee roasters and equipment suppliers to provide you with an office coffee experience that will satisfy even the fussiest coffee drinker. In turn your staff will spend less time out of the office which will improve productivity, team engagement and employee satisfaction.

We offer a monthly curation service, selecting Australia’s finest beans which are freshly roasted and delivered direct to your office. Barker St make office coffee purchasing a hassle-free experience!

Enter your details below including your unique code and Barker St will select coffee to match your preferences from one of our specialty coffee roasters.