City Coffee Guide - Sydney

Sydneysiders are a sunny lot on the whole, friendly and helpful, unless you screw up their coffee.


Sydney doesn’t have a coffee culture — it has a coffee cult. If dueling were still acceptable in the city, I have no doubt that most pistols drawn at dawn would be to defend the honor of a venerated barista.


So on that note we hope you enjoy our list of where to get Sydney’s best coffee.

Artificer Coffee Bar & Roastery – 547 Bouke St Surry Hills

Artificer is the union of two great coffee maestros. With a caffeine-only menu (yep, that’s right, no food), this café separates the stylish brunch set from those who take their coffee habit seriously. The minimalist décor ensures you focus on what’s important – the baristas and their craft.

Images from Instagram @leishf @princess_porky @assassinnikita

Reuben Hills – 61 Albion St Surry Hills

Reuben Hills is that cafe that never closes (literally only closes on Christmas Day) and everyone loves them for that. As you walk in you know coffee is the main focus here. Brewing tools litter the main work bench which will excite all coffee lovers.

Images from Instagram @pattypatpatmok @gutie_dus @single_single_coffee

It gets way too hot in summer and it’s super-loud when full, but Sutherland’s scenesters still converge on White Horse to get their coffee fix.

Images from Instagram @kbrly @whitehorsecoffee

Edition Coffee Roasters – 265 Liverpool St Darlinghurst

Edition Coffee Roasters is a pretty special café. Not only is it beautiful to be in – all mid-century-style Nordic furnishings, white walls and wide open, galley kitchen – but the food crossing the pass is right on the cusp of what eating in Sydney is all about.

Images from Instagram @slow_butsteady @amber___young @darrengraphy

Showbox Coffee Brewers – 19 Whistler St Manly

Showbox Coffee Brewers is full of surprises. To start, it’s at Manly but not next to the ocean. Then there’s the warehouse-meets-diner interior, all polished concrete, steel tubing, raw brick and red and cream Laminex tables. And the coffee which is what makes ShowBox Coffee Brewers stand out from the crowd in Manly.

Images from Instagram @showboxcoffee @leilalutz

Skittle Lane – 40 King St Sydney

Tucked away behind King Street, Skittlelane coffee is a welcome breath of fresh air for inner city locals. Featuring New York-inspired interiors, the cafe’s high ceilings and large steel windows demand attention from the casual passer by. Yet once you push through those sleek glass doors, this striking light-filled store makes you feel right at home.

Images from Instagram @skittlelanecoffee

Single Origin Roasters – 60-64 Reservoir St Surry Hills

Owners Dion and Emma Cohen focus on single origins, espresso and filter brews and meticulously crafted blends. Educating Sydneysiders about flavour profiles, brewing methods and growing regions has been something of a side-effect.

Images from Instagram @goreng_sous @single_o

Neighbourhood – 16 Buckingham St Surry Hills

When Neighbourhood opened in 2016, it took just a few weeks to amass a steady stream of regulars. They sit on the two benches on the footpath, or stand alongside the counter. Excellent coffee is the attraction here, but the banter is on-point too.

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