Best coffee accounts to follow on TikTok

It seems that every second video we watch at the moment is from TikTok, as much as we don’t need another social media platform too waste hours per day on, a large number of us have been hooked (us included).


So we thought why not share the best coffee accounts with you (We thought to share the bad ones also but we thought we wouldn’t get to many people reading this blog post)


We hope you enjoy the below list and hopefully give them a follow.


Barker St

(Click above name to view account)

If wouldn’t be a list without including ourselves. We post all things home brewing, get involved in plenty of challenges and love making a trick shot video here and there.




Falke Omdal

This guy takes his coffee brewing to a whole new level, he creates wonderful videos of himself brewing coffee on his V60 and Chemex is some of the most stunning scenery.



Grouch & Co

You may have seen these legends on our website, they are one of our wonderful coffee roasters who’s coffee we provide our customers with. They post up some fun loving videos about life in there cafe and roastery.



The Basic Barista

Straight outta Melbourne, The Basic Barista provides all your educational coffee needs. Solid coffee page with tips, how to and general coffee videos.



Hamad Al Majed

Great insight into the coffee world in the Middle East. Plenty of how to videos, latte art videos and plenty of brewing videos.




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