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The Barn – Ethiopia – Kayon Mountain – 250g


We deliver The Barn Coffee worldwide.


Origin: Ethiopia


Region: Guji


Process: Natural


Notes: Ripe strawberry, chocolate, creamy


Description: Each season we are looking for the cleanest natural Ethiopian coffee. Kayon Mountain Farm is a single estate which is unusual in Ethiopia. Ismal Hussan is producing a unique coffee with an outstanding cup profile: Ripe strawberries with high sweetness, notes of chocolate and a slight citrus finish. This coffee is creamy with a longlasting aftertaste.


Kayo is located at Mount Kayon in the Shakiso area of the Guji region. The cherries are grown over 200 ha of land. The farm is a privately owned by Ismal Hassan. Previously farms like this, of this size were unheard of but some years ago the laws in Ethiopia changed and allowed for farms of 50 ha or more to market and sell their coffees directly for export.


The cherries are dried on about 200 drying tables offering plenty of space for adjusting the layers according to different methods and preparation. Drying takes from 13- 20 days, depending on the temperature and of course whether the coffee is being washed or naturally processed. When drying the natural coffees they use shade nets to cover the cherry during the hottest parts of the day.


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