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Take Flight – Honduras (Filter) – Black Lable Series – 6oz


Please note we only ship Take Flight Coffee within the USA. If you would like to see Take Flight delivered to your country email us at info@barkerst.com.au


Origin: Honduras


Region: Chinacla


Process: Washed


Notes: Cuppers Choice


Description: Las Amazonas is a relationship coffee from Honduras.


Take Flight have started something fun and unique which they are calling the Black Label Series with collectable coins.


We are excited to present a coffee from producers Marysabel and Moises. We have had a relationship with our friends since Deaton started roasting here in the States, then as a green coffee buyer, and now as a small business owner!


Well this is exciting indeed: we have a rare variety for Honduras in our possession. So rare, in fact, that only 20 bags of this Variety, from this farm exists this year…and we were able to get a hold of it!


This is a story that started in 2009, when Marysabel and Moises were at a meeting of producers in El Salvador. It was there that a Mexican producer had acquired seeds from a farmer in Bolivia, then gifted Moises a small amount of seeds to plant.


We went to Chinacla this year and happened to get the chance to taste this coffee, which stood out far above and beyond the rest. So much so we decided to fly this coffee into Los Angeles just in time for the Specialty Coffee Association Expo in April.


Because of its rarity and expense we will be placing the coffee on pre-order. Orders will have to wait until a total of 20 orders come in at a time before we release. So if you buy the coffee, tell your friends to join on in so you don’t have to wait too long to get yours.


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