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Quills – Rwanda – Kodukak – 12oz


Please note we only deliver Quills Coffee to the USA and Canada. If you would like to see Quills Coffee delivered to your country, let us know info@barkerst.com.au


Origin: Rwanda


Region: Lake Kivu, Rutsiro District


Process: Washed


Notes: Tangerine, apple strudel, cola


Description: Quills are excited to announce another delicious coffee from the Lake Kivu region of Rwanda! Specialty coffee has been an important tool over the past decade in rebuilding the country’s economy; pooling from over 900 small farms in the Rutsiro district, members of the Kodukak co-op continue to produce an increase in quality each season while remaining committed to environmental and social sustainability. This year’s cup does not disappoint, bringing us the dynamic sweetness and crisp fruit notes Rwandan coffees have to offer.


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