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Onyx – Peru – Maria Rojas – 12oz


Please note we deliver Onyx Coffee Lab to the USA and Canada. If you want to see Onyx Coffee Lab delivered to your country, let us know info@barkerst.com.au


Origin: Peru


Region: Cajamarca


Process: Washed


Notes: Apple, dates, honey, tangerine, white tea


Description: This coffee comes from Onyx friend Aleco at Red Fox Coffee Merchants. They paid $4.55 per pound and bought twelve 70 kg bags. It is their first Peru from Aleco, but they have been cupping samples of what he’s been buying for quite some time and were excited to purchase after cupping.


Relationship Coffee is an initiative Onyx, have purposely created to describe their sourcing and buying practices and how they document them. Certifications like Direct Trade, Fair Trade, and others have impacted the coffee communities in mostly positive ways but also in some negative ways. They find that blanket terms and applying them to a multitude of business models no longer describes what they do.


In reality, every company is different, and they wanted to step out from the mold and create a new set of standards that exceeds in every department from quality to transparency to pricing. The growers, exporters, importers, associations, cooperatives, and other entities are always a set of relationships. To be honest, many are friends of Onyx as much as they are our producers and partners.They share information, family news, meals, housing, many faiths, and argue politics. Oh, and they love it. Relationship Coffee for Onyx is the mark of an honest exchange ethos that permeates their company, and we hope it encourages the growth of specialty coffee for the future.


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