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Onyx – Geometry Blend – 12oz


Please note we deliver Onyx Coffee to most countries around the world. If you want Onyx delivered to your country, let us know info@barkerst.com.au 


Notes: Blueberry, lemon, black tea, honey


Beans From: Colombia, Ethiopia


Description: Geometry has been defined as “describing spaces that lie beyond the normal range of human experience.” Soon it will also be defined as “that coffee from Onyx that I am in love with and completely redefined my relationship with coffee.” You may be thinking…this sounds a lot like Framily our holiday blend…Sshhhh don’t spoil it for others, and also nice guess. It was so good we thought we would keep it around for a bit. 


The real goal here is playing with processing and fermentation. We wanted to see how a black honey processed coffee can showcase the fermented fruit flavors and mix with a caramelized washed coffee. This coffee is ridiculously good and approachable while also remaining complex. It will convert even the most skeptical towards Specialty.


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