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Onyx – El Salvador – Finca Santa Rosa – 12oz


Please note we deliver Onyx Coffee Lab to most countries. If you want to see Onyx Coffee Lab delivered to your country, let us know info@barkerst.com.au


Origin: El Salvador


Region: Chalatenango


Process: Washed


Notes: Raspberry, sugar cane, black tea, green grape


Description: The story of us buying this coffee starts several years ago with Jorge Raul Rivera traveling to the Roaster’s Guild Retreat to meet roasters. There, he and Mark, Onyx head roaster, became friends. Onyx connected with him again at that year’s SCAA Expo. He invited us to visit him at Santa Rosa in the Chalatenango Region, and although we wanted to go, we can’t just pick up and visit every producer. After sampling and buying a small amount of his coffee we were blown away with the quality. His coffees were sweet, clean, and interesting.


The following year Onyx got the chance to visit Raul and Finca Santa Rosa. It’s hard to accurately describe our experience and the kind of hospitality Raul showed us. He took us to his favorite spots-from the beach to the best papusaria stand and then to one of his farms that had been destroyed by fire. Parts of the farm had gone to seed; coffee shrubs grew like they were made to-long, thin limbs with sparse, ripe cherry. There he had hidden Gesha seedlings deep in a gulley, too far from the road for anyone to steal them. We stayed at the processing station for several days. Gerardo, part of the team there, was gracious and welcoming. On one of the days, we were there something went wrong with a portion of the sample roasting. Raul and the roaster stayed up all night redoing the samples. When they finished at 3 am, Raul drove their roaster from Chalatenango into San Salvador to the doctor.

Coffees from Finca Santa Rosa are beautiful and unique. Each lot is cared for and documented to the most minute detail. Crisp, sweet, big Pacamara body, with raspberry and sugar cane notes.


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