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Onyx – Colombia – Palma Hermelinda Diaz – 12oz


Please note we deliver Onyx Coffee Lab to the USA and Canada. If you want to see Onyx Coffee Lab delivered to your country, let us know info@barkerst.com.au


Origin: Colombia


Region: Cundinamarca


Process: Honey


Notes: Blood orange, sweet cream, lemonade, juicy


Description: Hermelinda Diaz is 63 years old and has grown coffee her entire life. Raised by traditional coffee farmers of La Mesa, Cundinamarca, Hermelinda learned everything she knows from her grandfather. Her farm, El Naranjito sits at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, and of the 0.4-hectare farm, 0.3 hectares is planted with Castillo coffee varietals. Currently, five family members live on the farm, but of the five, only one of her sons takes care of the production. The idea to plant coffee actually came from another son who passed away this past year. To this day she thanks him for having begun the production because that is their only source of income.


Hermelinda says that at her age it is very difficult to stay in the business and she saw it very unlikely for her to continue. However, with the help of La Palma’s Neighbors & Crops program, she is able to continue having a source of income. The program provides agricultural consultations, trained coffee pickers during harvest, transportation of the coffee cherries, and once at the wet and dry mill La Palma takes care of processing and exportation. Hermelinda says that she has faith in the project and wants to continue sending all of her coffee cherries to their farm because as they need her, she also needs them.


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