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Monastery Coffee – Kenya – Kahete – 250g


Please note we only deliver this coffee to Australia. We are currently in the process of organising worldwide shipping. If you would like to see this roasters coffee delivered to your country email us at info@barkerst.com.au.


Origin: Kenya


Region: Gitugi, Muranga


Process: Fully washed


Notes: Blackcurrants, raw sugar, flowers


Description: Kahete Coffee Factory is located north of Nairobi in Muranga County, near the town of Gitugi. It was established in 1978 and rests on a 5 acre piece of land serving Karunge, Gataragwa and Kirimiya villages. Currently it is affiliated to Rwaikamba Farmers Co-operative Society and run by James Ndoho, the factory manager.


This area of Kenya experiences a biannual production cycle with the early harvest being from March-May and the late second season being from October-December. The main varieties of coffee grown here are SL-28 and 34, and Ruiru 11. The SL-28 and SL-34 account for 97% of all coffee produced, while Ruiru 11 is around 3% of the total production. Kahete currently has 785 small-holder member producers who have small farms located at an average of 1,800m above sea level. The high altitude means that the coffee fruit is able to mature slowly, and this, combined with rich volcanic soil and careful processing all help to highlight the inherent complex fruit flavours from the SL-28 and SL-34 varieties. Both cultivars have Bourbon and Moka heritage and named after the laboratory that promoted their wider distribution in Kenya during the early 20th Century – Scott Laboratories.


Kahete Coffee Factory receives assistance from the Coffee Management Services (CMS) group, who are on the ground directly helping producers improve their productivity and quality through training and education programs. Their objective is to establish a transparent and trust-based relationship with their small-holder farmers and ensure sustained industry growth by helping producers improve their quality, which in turn improves the premiums paid and ultimately has a positive impact on their quality of life.


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Additional information

Additional information

Monastery Grind

Espresso, Filter/Brewed, Whole Bean

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