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La Cabra – Colombia – La Alsacia – 250g


We deliver La Cabra Coffee worldwide.


Origin: Colombia


Region: Buenavista, Quindio


Process: Washed


Notes: Cherry, fig, chocolate


Description: Hacienda San Alberto is located in Buenavista, Quindío, the smallest city in Colombia’s smallest department in the south of the country. The soil is predominantly volcanic and the area has a stable temperature between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius year-round. The primary coffee harvest takes place around April, with a smaller secondary harvest around September – October.


Juan Pablo Villota’s grandparents acquired the first part of the farm in 1972 and first called it La Alsacia. Later, they renamed it San Alberto in honour of their deceased son. The couple managed the farm together until Juan Pablo’s grandfather passed away. In 1996, Juan Pablo’s parents Eduardo and Olga took over the business and started moving practices towards specialty grade production. Eduardo Villota had previously operated a rice producing company and had experience with plant genetics and yield optimization. With this background knowledge, he began to transform the farm towards high-quality coffee production.


Ten years later, when Juan Pablo and his brother Gustavo became involved, they moved farm practices even more towards the specialty grade that now set the tone. The brothers developed better quality control and implemented practices they had learned from French wine producers to reach higher production standards. Along the way microlots were also introduced, including the La Alsacia lot, which takes its name from when the grandparents first began producing coffee.


The La Alsacia lot is Hacienda San Alberto’s link to the farm’s past, when it was still called La Alsacia, before Juan Pablo’s grandparents bought it. The lot corresponds to the central part of the farm, located at an altitude around 1650 masl. At this spot on the farm temperatures remain stable thanks to warm winds that make their way up from the valley below, and thereby prevent temperatures from falling considerably during night-time.


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