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Joe Bean – Nicaragua – Don Roger’s Natural – 12oz


We deliver Joe Bean Coffee worldwide.


Origin: Nicaragua


Region: Jinotega


Process: Natural


Notes: Strawberry, chocolate


Description: The smell of Nicaraguan beans in the Joe Bean roastery has become so indicative of the season that it never really feels like October until it’s here. Now that the signature mix of strawberry and milk chocolate is floating through the production space; it’s obviously time to pull your sweaters and boots out of storage, and put in that order for firewood.


Once you’ve taken care of those necessities, settle on down with a cup of this beauty. It’s warm and bright—a perfect balance of tangy strawberries and tangerine with sweet milk chocolate and a honey-cinnamon finish.


This remarkable coffee comes to us from farmer Don Roger whom we have worked with for many years and have the utmost respect for. An agronomist, Don Roger is a well educated, compassionate, generous man who greatly cares for his workers, community, and the environment. He has been a coffee farmer for 28 years and has worked exclusively with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers since 2010, a relationship that he refers to as a “blessing from God”.


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