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Joe Bean – Burundi – Gatare – 12oz


We deliver Joe Bean Coffee worldwide.


Origin: Burundi


Region: Bukeye


Process: Washed


Notes: Blackberry, apple, ganache, anise, pistachio


Description: Gatare is a Cup of Excellence award-wining washing station – located outside the town of Bukeye, nestled in a green valley trickling with mountain water. Over the course of harvest, the station will collect cherries from local smallholders who live in the surrounding area. Incoming coffee is sorted and blended into quality-based lots. That quality is thanks in large part to the watchful eye of the washing station manager Jean Surmani, who makes sure everything is covered from the maintenance of the pulper, to clean canals, to fastidious parchment picking. The Joe Bean lot represents the very best coffee that Gatare is putting out. 


The coffee is 100% Jackson Bourbon, and is grown at 1,700 – 1,800 meters. This year’s crop has a sweet blackberry, apple acidity backed by a warm chocolate ganache flavor. Delicate aromas of anise and pistachio help round out this complex brew.


As a commitment to our belief in relationship driven coffees, a portion of sales will go towards Project Vache – a quality and community initiative organized by Crop to Cup in partnership with the local coffee community. We will be reinvesting a portion of sales into quality programs that will help farmers improve their coffee growing practices, helping them get higher prices for coffee in the future.


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