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Flight – Rwanda – Shyira – 200g


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Origin: Rwanda


Region: Nyabihu


Process: Washed


Notes: Blackberry, raisin, grapefruit


Description: A short drive from the Vunga Cooperative nestled in the stunning hills of the Nyabihu District in Rwanda lies Shyira. This relatively small coffee washing station (CWS) is the baby of Muraho Trading Company (MTCo), who supply Flight’s Rwandans. This year was their very first harvest processing cherries from the area and with only 29 drying tables they have been able to produce some truly outstanding coffees.


Earlier in May 2017 Flight were able to spend time at Shyira. The drive to Shyira is incredible. It’s clear from the geography itself to see how much potential this area has. With high altitude and very steep hills, Shyira has the natural building blocks for producing excellent coffee; the station itself is literally on the side of a steep hill. Flight also had the opportunity to meet some of the farmers who have their cherry processed at Shyira CWS. They saw how selective they are with their picking, so before the coffee is even processed it’s off to a great start! Their cherry then goes through the rigorous quality control stages of all of MTCo’s stations. Even though this is the first harvest year for Shyira, the different lots continuously stood out on the cupping table when we were selecting coffees in Rwanda.


With this coffee you can expect big berry and raisin notes, reminiscent of a washed Kenyan, with citrus and floral qualities coming through as well. This coffee is great for either espresso or filter styles of brewing.


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Additional information

Additional information

Flight Grind

Beans, Espresso, Filter, French Press

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