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Five Senses – Sumatra – Tiga Raja Simalungun – 250g


Please note we only deliver this coffee to Australia. If you would like to see this roasters coffee delivered to your country email us at info@barkerst.com.au.


Origin: Sumatra


Region: Tiga Raja Simalungun


Process: Wet Hulled


Notes: Orange chocolate, cola ,brown sugar


Description: Small holder farmers in and around the region of Simalungun in Sumatra supply the coffee to the small, specialty-focused Tiga Raja Mill. The Simalungun region has long been an agricultural powerhouse and its location north east of Lake Toba means it is rich in volcanic soils, temperate/stable climates and a range of altitudes which are perfect for growing Sumatran coffee. After years of exploring Sumatra and this unique growing region, we feel that this coffee is set to redefine the Sumatran flavour profile via a quality parchment supply network and careful Mill practices tailored to small scale, specialty production.


The Tiga Raja Mill is a small, specialty mill based in the region of Saribu Dolok in Simalungun. The mill operates in partnership with a local parchment supply network and carefully selected mill operators who have vast knowledge and are attuned to the expectations of both specialty roasters and coffee consumers. This partnership both refines the supply chain and reduces the number of middle men (who take a cut from the parchment price instead of it going to the farmer).


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Additional information

Additional information

Five Senses Grind

Ground for Aeropress, Ground for Espresso, Ground for Filter, Ground for Percolator, Ground for Plunger, Ground for Stovetop, Whole Bean

Five Senses Roast Type

Espresso Roast

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