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Five Senses – India – Veer Attikan – 250g


Please note we only deliver this coffee to Australia. If you would like to see this roasters coffee delivered to your country email us at info@barkerst.com.au.


Origin: India


Region: Veer Attikan


Process: Washed


Notes: Butter scotch, rye, juicy


Description: Biligiri Rangan Hills, or Biligiris, are located to the south of the Heritage City of Mysore. The name literally means ‘White Hills’ as it is perpetually soaked in a hanging mist. The imposing mountain range is home to the 120 year old Attikan Estate which is crucial to the development of coffee production in the area.


Their argument was that the area housed dangerous animals with virtually no human habitation in sight. However thanks to Mr. Morris’ single minded devotion, determination and courage to act on his convictions, Attikan today is not only a producer of specialty coffee, but being flanked by a sanctuary, is wonderfully linked with its natural environment.


The name ‘Veer Attikan’ comes from the word ‘Veer’ which means valor, courage and strength — all the things exhibited by Mr Randolph Morris when turning shrub land into a coffee belt.


There is also another angle to the word ‘Veer’ which has had a large impact on this estate. A notorious bandit named Veerappan was wanted in the States of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu for abduction, poaching and smuggling sandalwood. He used the Biligiri Rangan Hills as one of his hideouts. After evading police for nearly two decades, he was shot dead in 2004. During his reign of terror, none of the management team visited the estate, fearing kidnap and ransom.


This is the ninth year that we have been working directly with Veer Attikan Estate. The cupping performance from this estate continues to redefine Indian cup profiles. This longstanding relationship forges on and has become one of our must trustworthy coffee alliances.


Additional Info: The pioneer behind Attikan Estate, responsible for transforming the shrub land into a ‘coffee best’, is Mr Randolph Hayton Morris. He came to the Hills in 1888, ignoring those who discouraged him from pursuing his mission.


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Additional information

Additional information

Five Senses Grind

Ground for Aeropress, Ground for Espresso, Ground for Filter, Ground for Percolator, Ground for Plunger, Ground for Stovetop, Whole Bean

Five Senses Roast Type

Espresso Roast

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