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Barker St is leading the way in overturning the office coffee experience by providing premium coffee machines and beans with a convenient and cost effective approach.

Many Australian offices are supplied with prehistoric coffee machines and poor quality beans from hospitality or stationary companies who have very little knowledge about what makes a good cup of coffee. This explains why many employees leave the office for their coffee which in turn leads to many hours of loss productivity, in fact a business with 10 employees wastes approximately $15,000 per year.

If your team is craving quality coffee beans delivered to your office monthly please contact the Barker St team for a customised package to suit your individual requirements. We can also provide you with suitable coffee equipment to ensure quality is maintained for an optimal experience every time.

We currently work with many businesses in industries ranging from hospitality, creative, education and hotels to create unique experiences for their employees to enjoy.



We work with you to create

a personalised package which fits

your companies needs.


Featured Roaster

Each month we source your

coffee from a premium

Australian roaster.



Freshly roasted to order and delivered

to your office at the beginning

of each month.

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